• "Fortress Property Management has been a godsend for us. Cammie and Tammy helped us turnaround our property in a short time, helping us raise rents, lower the vacancy rate and greatly improve the condition of the building. In a short time they helped transform a large property that was barely breaking even into a very profitable investment, and their work was instrumental in enabling us to sell the property at a significant profit and more than doubling our investment."
    ~Jason Tolu, Property Owner
  • "We thank you and all your teams for managing and transforming the Flair Apartment in the past several years."
    ~Samantha, Property Owner
  • "We continue to be impressed with the service and communication from Fortress. Thanks for being so easy to work with."
    ~Michael Pope, Madison Place Investor
  • "Cammie is the perfect person to have in your camp when it comes to taking care of your property. She is diligent, knowledgeable, experienced, available and responsive. I have a lot of experience with management companies and she ranks at the top. Property owners are lucky to have her in the industry..."
    ~Nina Geneson, Property Owner
  • I think with property management companies like yours everyone wins as the properties run well, the managers get business, and the brokers are able to sell good product!"
    ~Phillip Barry, Broker, Joseph Bernard LLC
  • "Seeing your email[sic] back and forth, I am glad that we have decided to work with you and your team."
    ~Khiem Ha, Property Owner
  • "I strongly recommend my colleague, Cammie Allie, as a property manager. I have had the pleasure of working with her for over 10 years in the property management industry. I have had the opportunity to observe her in different positions in this industry. We first met when she managed an apartment community, then moved up to a Property Supervisor position and now, as a principle at Fortress Property Management. Cammie's professional skills as well as interpersonal style are excellent. She is consistently pleasant, and takes on all assignments with enthusiasm and dedication. As an industry supplier, she always delivers for me. She helps improve my services by suggestions and always reviews the bottom line. She was a big asset to our company beta testing our newest software. Thanks you, Cammie. "
    ~Dan Meister, VP of Operations, Pacific Screening, Inc.
  • "You displayed professionalism from the start, [y]ou are obviously passionate about your career and do look for ways to expand your game, ie professional orgs. We felt you would add value for the tenants and the property, [t]he added value factor. You did what you said you were going to do and on a timely basis."
    ~Dave, Apartment Property Owner and Investor
  • "I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for being a fantastic landlord. It's a rare occasion that one encounter[s] a property manager (much less any person) who is as attentive, understanding, and flexible as you have been. From the beginning you have always been open and available at virtually all hours, which is a testament to your professionalism (not to mention your patience!)."
    ~Jacob, Resident
  • "Cammie is very professional, educated, tactical, and innovative. I have seen her build her company in to a property management powerhouse in a short few years. Cammie has educated and capable staff, she is well versed in the property management industry, and her properties are performing well for her owners in less time than she promises. Cammie always meets or exceeds the mark. I've known Cammie through Metro Multfamily Housing Association. Not only is she competent and capable, she takes time to volunteer at MMHA and IREM. She and her team are an asset to any apartment owner."
    ~Kathryn King, Broker, KJK Properties
  • "Cammie's dedication to her staff, owners and residents, just like her knowledge about the industry, is unparalleled. I have seen Cammie put her own best interest aside to ensure owners, staff and residents are given what she promises. When Cammie says she will do something or give you 110%, she truly means it. I am just about done getting my Master of Science in Property Management, and in doing such noticed that everything they teach about how to be a great Property Manager, Cammie already does. Even formal educators in our industry would use Cammie as a great example of what people in our industry should be doing, as she is one of the best out there. I know there is no one else out there as dedicated to the industry and those she works with. Whether you are looking for someone to manage your property(ies), help you with rental property purchase decisions, or just a great person to work with or for, Cammie should be the first person you contact.
    ~Joshua Ferguson, Property Manager
  • "Since its inception, Capital Improvements has had the privilege to work alongside Fortress Property Management. Fortress\'s[sic] management team does not rest. They display strong leadership, providing significant employee education, quality of life, employment, promotion from within and company-wide initiatives that have translated to cost-effective savings to its portfolio. I admire the fact that Fortress operates under the highest ethical standards and integrity. They share a powerful vision of how Property Management should operate. Our business has benefited immensely from their hands-on pro-activity. I consider Fortress to be our partner and an asset to our business based on their proficiency, financial efficiencies, synergy and their successful management. The team demonstrates the ability to multi-task to numerous and unique challenges to exacting high standards and successful outcomes benefiting all involved. What I admire most about Fortress Property Management is their commitment, positive attitude and ability to work for and with others. Fortress has been one of my best customers. I enjoy working with the staff and appreciate their professionalism and attention to detail. In our business we submit many quotations and invoices that require the attention of one or more people, which can be a challenge in itself; but they do a great job of communicating with the contractor as well as the owners or decision makers. It is sometimes forgotten how valuable and cost effective a working relationship with vendors can be, but Fortress stays strong. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone inquiring about a new management company."
    ~Kevin Bisel, Capitol Improvements
  • Thanks Cammie! Fortress is the best property management company we have ever worked with. You guys had made our lives so much easier. Thank you!!