Cammie Allie,  CPM®, ARM®

In October 2009, Cammie Allie, CPM®, ARM®, saw the realization of her dream when she founded Fortress Property Management, specializing in multifamily property management. After pursuing two dissatisfying careers during her young adult life, Cammie Allie discovered IREM (the Institute of Real Estate Management) after she’d been a site manager for six years. Seeing its value, she set out to obtain her ARM® (Accredited Residential Manager) certification. In 2001, she began attending meetings, and she was chairing the local ARM® committee by 2002, thanks to mentoring from Julie Muir, CPM®. After receiving her ARM®, she immediately set her sights on her CPM®, which she earned in 2008.

Within her tenure of property management, Cammie enjoyed working with such companies as Parker Investments, U.S. Bank Trust Group, Summit Property Management, Guardian Management, Harsch Investment, SkyNat Property Management, and GSL Properties. Because of the wide array of properties she has directly supervised, she is highly experienced in all types of multifamily management, from conventional property to Section 8, and has several years of tax credit experience. This has led to an impressive perspective on how various property management is conducted throughout the Portland metro area. Locally, she has held the following positions: ARM® committee chair, 2002 to 2004; AMO® committee chair, 2005; program committee chair, 2006; VP of Education, 2007; VP of Communications, 2008; second Member at Large, 2009; third Member at Large, 2010. On a national level, she has held the following positions: national governing councilor from 2006 to present; membership committee member from 2006 to 2008; JPM committee member, 2008; vice chair of membership, 2009; chair of membership committee, 2010. Moreover, for the local chapter of IREM, she is the former recipient of the presidents’ award in 2004 and 2005 and the CPM® candidate of the year award winner in 2006 and 2007.

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HR Director and Corporate Accounting



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